"The Valley"

The valley, as we call it, is a beautiful wadi in the woods by Amuka, near Tzefat in northern Israel. Located there is the grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel.

 Rabbi Luria explains about “the valley”:

The valley, as it appears to you, is a gateway, a passage to another dimension, and when you look at the valley with your eyes, know that you are looking trough an energy gate into a different reality, a different dimension.

In this alternate dimension your physical eyesight will show you a totally different view which consists of a large yellow-green wheat field, and in it, at a distance from each other, are small houses with red tile roofs.  These are our homes which are called “spirit homes”.

There, we also operate as human beings, with different qualities.  As a matter of fact, those homes are located on a different planet, and that planet which is thousands of light years away, is found on a different energy dimension, which exists here and now.

That planet is called “Asthar”, and is located in the area named, “Ursa Major”.

The messages you receive arrive from that other dimension and come through the gateway which we call, “the valley”.


Rabbi Luria,