"The Sensors of God"

Friday, June 18th, 2005

Good evening welcome to the valley, sit with us and feel happiness and goodness.


Happiness is the essence, if there is no happiness creation has not fullfilled it's purpose.  Worship God in happiness, that is the highest goal, this is where the soul longs to be, this is where God began and here He wants to reach.

Before disturbances awakened, before pain, division and dilema were created, for one long endless and pure moment this was the state of creation, unaware and without distinguishing any contrast.  Now, this is the state were God whishes to bring all of you through awareness and from a place of free will.

The pain, the suffering and the frustration are the consequence of ignorance and lack of knowledge.  This is exactly the state were the "other side" tried to hold the people of the planet, and it did this through religion, war, crusades, and a host of other inventions which touch the other side.

The balance of fear created pain through walls of limiting ideas and thoughts which became the norm for social behaviour up to the point where they changed our view and perception of life from being holy to a hard and painfull experience.  Of course these thoughts only expanded the creation giving it more proof and power.

In our basic Godly nature, in our souls, we are curious beings, feeling, whishing to learn, to understand, to evolve and above all to be happy.

Each one of our visits as humans in the physical universe is an adventure of experiences, growth and learning.  Our learning and the learning of God itself. 

We are the sensors of God, through us God regulates and changes itself and creation. The more we succeed in raising above our limitations, those limiting beliefs which we breathe as part of our way of life, the more God will evolve and will succeed by way of reflection to change the stories which we experience as our lives in this physical reality.

I will be as simple as possible.  The more accepting, flowing and smilling is your perception of reality, the more will you be able to create that experience for yourselves, and that will be your reality and the reality of those around you, and it will expand energetically in growing circles on and on until, first it will balance between the spiral sweeping you down and that going up, and the next step will be the breakthrough of the human awareness to a new level which will be able to rise above the norms of the down flowing spiral.

It is the human spirit (nefesh), and not the soul, which carries with it the hard experiences from past incarnations, which created a one sided perception of the physical universe, and around that evolved a whole system of psychoanalysis, therapies and more.  

I bring you good news today, you do not need a reason to be happy.  In the evolving new awareness and the new energy cycles of the new world, it is enough to decide!!, "I will deeply trust myself and God within me in happiness and joy", so that all your perception will start to change from judgements to acceptance, from hardship to ease, from sadness to happiness. 

Say it to yourselves with intention and know it will be So!! 

Sit quietly for a moment and dive into your innermost being, listen to it, and if your conciousness will be calm you will be able to touch the point of endless happiness which exists at the core of each one of us.  This happiness is that which does not need a reason for being.

Know that you are our teachers, and it is through your merit and with your help that we will all experience a God of happiness, goodness and joy.  Bless you all.


Rabbi Luria



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