"The Essence of Man"

Tuesday ,April 10th, 2001, Pesach

There is a basic essence of existence which composes each human being. This essence is part of the individual life program.

A human being born into the physical universe arrives with his life plan, (his karma). This plan goes with the person from incarnation to incarnation, one wears a personality and takes it off but the essence stays the same.

There needs to be an awareness that can transmute and change the contents of the personality so that it can change and become a different person.  That demands constant and intensive work, being aware at all times and a willingness to succeed.

In the beginning, we were spiritual beings, but gravity grounded us and infused us with its qualities.  If man would remember his roots he would certaily understand that he is the source, all the rest is nonsense. 

As we said, gravity allowed for a world full of variety, a complete spectrum of creations that fills our eyes and our hearts.  The story of our lifes takes over our memory, our essential nature is forgotten and then we bow to the golden calf, it becomes our tangible God and we come to believe that we are nothing more than flesh and blood.

I will point out that there is no such thing as coincidence, this is also a trial for each individual to examine his/hers ability to free oneself from gravity, to climb the spiritual ladder and to reach upper worlds.

Rememberance is your ability to free yourself from all that restricts you, to gain insight, and to understand that you are spiritual energy with unlimited abilities which you lost because of forgetfullness.

Don’t missunderstand us, we ar not suggesting to live in spiritual awareness and to treat the physical world as unnecessary.  Your being here in this physical realm is not by chance, but a process of learning and evolving in which you can acquire abilities to mix spirit and matter through the process of remembering who you are.

All the knowledge is found between the diaphragm and the waist.  Everything is stored there, hidden but present.  Your ability to reach that knowledge becomes possible once you are able to get free from your dependance on matter and you understand who you really are.  Only then will the road be open to the flow of abundance and only then will you feel what is love.

The rythms in your stomach are electric pulses, energy codes that each one carries a full spectrum of information.  These pulses are frequencies which breathe in specific cycles which are called "The heart of the stomach".  You can detect them by listening to your body, looking inward, and with your ability to focus without disturbance, neutrally on what is there.

Happiness is part of the process of freedom and love.  God requires that you love him through happiness, because that is the true essence that HE put into you, in happiness song and dance.  These are the feelings that reflect love as HE wills it, high spiritual love.

Any other way of worshiping God that does not come from happiness is the result of gravity, a physical world creation that does not contain anything spiritual but only reflects hard feelings like anger, pain, hate, etc.

That is why you should decide how you would like to spend your life, and we are not talking about one incarnation only, but about forever.

Many blessings for the holidays and lots of love from all the beings present in the valley,


 Rabbi Luria,



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