"The Ark of the Covenant"

Friday, January 28th, 2005

Good evening, welcome to the valley, there is no indication as to what will be today, you can sit and check for yourselves if someone is present.


We place the Ark of the Covenant before you today.  The Ark of the Covenant reflects God.  The Ark contains inside it the covenant between God and his people, and except for it’s outer walls, it contains nothing.

The contents of the Ark are filled by you.  The Ark is your meeting with yourself.  If you aproach it with fear, happiness, hope, love or anger, that is what you will experience.

You are a reflection of a reflection of many more reflections, and God is found in your reflections, and the only way to discover Him is within the Ark of the Covenant.  This is the meeting point, the knowing, and the solution.

Sit in front of it and guess what is inside.  You can focus on it now for a few minutes…..

Whether you experience that it contains treasures, wisdom, money, knowledge, God himself, or you felt anger, impatience, inability to connect, know that it was only a reflection of who you are and what drives you.

The Ark of the Covenant is your meeting place with yourselves and, here are, and from here, come reverence, appreciation and love.  Often we relate and associate with respect to things that we see as being outside of us.  It is time that we take responsibility over that too, sice all agreements that we make are agreements with our own selves.

Everything is found within, and the reflection is only a cloud, and this cloud can take any one of many forms, starting from money and ending with pain, but all things project back to a small and condensed source.

When something disturbs you remember immediately the Ark of the Covenant, since that is it’s purpose, a reminder of our essence, and a memory for generations to come who we really are.

You can put in it’s place any situation or person, they are no more real to you than this Ark.  You should remember and know every given moment who you are, and the more you remember the more you will be free from the illusion in which you spend your days.

What I am revealing to you now is the “remembering” of the Ark of the Covenant as a tool for advancement.  The more you remember the Ark the better your situation will become.  But beware of making your “rememberance” something “automatic”, because that is the seed of trouble, turning things into automatic.  Then the goal is not reached.

The intention is that every time that anger, criticism, complaint, indignation, or such comes up which you project to your sorroundings, you remember the Ark of the Covenant.  Remember the reverence and appreciation, and become aware of who you really are, with awareness and intention on “remembering” for as long as you need so that you understand the situation completely.

Learn to give respect, appreciate every person, every thing, because it is exalted.  The more you learn to appreciate, the more you will appreciate yourselves, and from that place of self appreciation you will then be able to appreciate Divinity and will receive appreciation in return.

Consider and evaluate every word you speak, and beyond that every thought you have.


Question: Rabbi, please explain your remark in the beginning about “there is no indication as to what will be today”….

Being” someplace is a projection and a reflection, if you want everyone to be there, just create it.  Initially there is only oneness, and between you and the Ark of the Covenant there is only God which contains everything.

What, it is all in my head?

Everything is a reflection, a projection.  What you create is what exists.

So you too are a projection?

Yes, everyone is found in the same place, in the oneness, and the division is a creation of Divinity.  You are a part of it, Divinity creates itself in a million and one colors, existing or not existing, present and not, alive or dead, dividing itself into trillions of human beings and recollecting itself back into itself.

The concept of time is nothing but a feeling.  What exists is the “non-time” and on it we install time. 

The form can divide itself into similar or different forms, and when God created Itself and created you, in fact it was you who created yourself, it was you who created for yourself all the scenes of your story.

The more you come to know this so will you be able to change the script, and the more you understand that you are nothing but a reflection of the Creator and of creation, maybe then all the pretending will be erased and what will remain will be a clear knowing of Divinity.

All this knowledge is found within you, since there is no difference between you and God.

Good evening,

Rabbi Luria,


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